Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Increase Technorati Blog Reactions and Authority Through

Technorati blog ranking is widely used as a gauged of a blog’s popularity. It is also used to appraise the value of a blog. The formula on how Technorati arrives at its blog ranking is quite similar to how Google does its page ranking. Everything boils down to the number of links to your blog. Technorati calls it ‘Blog Reaction’. The higher the number of links to your blog, the higher your authority and blog rank is. Although the competition to be included in Technorati’s top blog is fierce, it is still worth trying. As your blog reaction and authority increase, your visibility to the Technorati users increases as well.Increase Technorati Blog Reaction with

I have discovered when I was going over the communities at Mybloglog. Out of curiousity, I clicked on the link to Webetur homepage. I was directed to a community of interesting people. As soon as I’ve seen the page, I applied for free membership because I know that this is a great avenue for me to interact with other people and I found this to be another oppotunity for me to promote my blog.

What is all about?

“Webetur is about how much you and your friends can win by sharing videos, pictures, news and your blog. The content on our website is voted, shared and later on available for bets by our community. Webetur is all about how much people will bet on you and how much you can win…”

With, you can submit videos and articles from your blog. All your submissions will be viewed from the orginal source. When you submit, you will be required to provide a link to your source of the video or article. In my case, I’ve submitted my articles and provided the links to my blog. Unlike other similar websites, Webetur is a ‘FOLLOW LINK’ which means when the search engines crawl their website, they also follow the link you have provided. In simple words, submitting an article or video to is a way to optimize your blog for search engines.

Moreover, allows the community members to cast their votes to videos or articles that they’ve found useful. As your article or video receives more vote, it gets the oppotunity to be featured on the homepage. This means your article will get more exposure and like what happened to me, I have received a number of traffic referrals from Also, has a forum where you can exchange ideas with other members. Lastly, with Webetur, you can easily invite your friends to join as well as add members to your friendlist.

How do you increase your Technorati Blog Reaction and Authority with Webetur?

The answer is simple, join the community, participate in the forum and most importantly SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLES and do not forget to link to your blog. After 24 hours since I have submitted my 20 articles, my blog reaction in my Technorati account has increased by 20 points. From this case you can infer that every submission you do to is considered one point to your Blog Reaction.


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